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Supported formats
There are many formats for submitting GPS data around. On this page only some
are supported. I include support for a format, if a user requests it at the
mailinglist or i feel, i should support the format.

Garbage in -> Garbage out
If you send malformed or incomplete formats, you get incomplete or unexpected results.

The parser tries to find more than one format in a message, this means,
you can send more than one position in different formats in a message. Example

Even if your format is not exactly the same as in the examples below,
send your position to the server inside a SMS, the parser will try hard to
find your position.
You can place for example the GPS data inside other text:
Hello friend, this is my position: GPGGA,050353.000,5215.0450,N,01214.3691,E,1,11,0.9,70.2,M,46.0,M,,0000*6B Check it out !



Benefon LOC
!LOC_01/01_norm_099 _gps_1_N52.10.18,3_E011.33.16,9_30.05.2006_16:36:01_010km/h_123deg

Benefon EMG
!EMG_01/01_emer_100 _gps_1_N52.20.22,7_E012.41.17,7_18.01.2007_22:09:07_000km/h_000deg_ALARM - ALARM BUTTON PRESSED

Benefon EGN
!EGN_045 _N52.18.17,4_E013.05.57,7_20.10.2006_17:02:31_1_093_118_610,7,41118,17629,0,617,58,60,646,58,73,634,255,87,622,255,99,613,255,103,98,255,107,8,37629
Although this format contains informations about the GSM network currently logged in,
i couldn't find enough information to properly decode the network status.

GPSWPT Lat N 052 Deg 018 001.473 Lon E 013 Deg 021 006.241 Alt 00227m 13:51:50Z 18.10.06
used i.e. in the Thuraya/ Hughes 7101

Globalsat Tracker TR-101/102
Emergency rapport 2006/8/18 14:31:29 52.191615,013.337700 GPS Fixed
Position Report: 2006/8/18 14:31:29 52.191615,013.337700 GPS Fixed
Emergency Report: 2006/8/18 14:31:29 52.191615,013.337700 GPS Fixed

There seem to be variations of the Emergency rapport words, depending of the firmware/language


Navideo LOC
Navideo LOC LAT:52.192905,LON:13.463279
This format is used by the Navideo software at

BlueSky GPS
BLUESKY 03.02.2007 10.24.42 POSITION VALID N 52.001038 E 11.668993 5 km to SBK
This format is used by the BlueSky GPS software at

This format is used by the TTQV Software
Dirk Menzel writes about his experiences at

PathAway Location Format
$PWS,1,"Example Name",,0,24022007,223337.000,52.101060,11.326186,232.61,0.61,140,pathaway format,0*7A
This format is used by the PathAway software at
Dirk Menzel writes about his experiences at

GPS W.A.I.T. / GPS.Pi Format
The minimal format used:

The extended format:

This format is used by this software -> or

Fleetec II+ Format

The reason for sending out the position is inside the SMS, i.e. V00 means end of no move
The Fleetec devices were sold by the datafactory AG from Leipzig, it seems, the company
is now owned by TomTom.
The manual i had names the device as fleetecII car locator too.

Haicom HI-601VT DTMF-Tracker Format
Format used:

The reason for sending out the position is inside the SMS, SENSOR means moving sensor trigger.
With this Tracker you can send your GPS position over a standard voice line.
(This can't be used on this website).
HAICOM Website

GPS Tracker SPT100 / SPT-100 / SPT10 / TK5000
Format used:

Website SPT100
Website of manufacturer

Phonetracker Software
Format used by this software:
21.12.2007 16:22:37


Xexun GPS Tracker TK102
It seems, this tracker is produced in china.
Often you can buy branded versions of this tracker.
That's why the data format can vary a little bit.

A tracker bought at Navideo sends for example
lat: 52.177337 long: 011.583638 speed: 020.0 03/03/08 14:37 bat:F signal:F imei:123456789012
another tracker
lat: 52.177337N long: 011.583638E speed: 020.0 10.03.2008 14:37 bat:F signal:F
Of course i try, as possible, to support most variants.


Website of Xenun

GPS Tracker PT-9 or Freedom PT-9
It seems, this tracker is produced in china.
Often you can buy branded versions of this tracker.

One tracker sends for example
TIMER! 2008/06/06, 12:23:40, N, Lat:5211.4961, E, Lon:01320.2614, Spd:61.60
where TIMER! is the reason for sending the position.


GPS Tracker P-1 or go everywhere GPS Tracker P-1
This is the first ready made tracker i bought some days ago.
the tracker sends for example
Last: Latitude = 52 11 29.03N Longitude = 013 20 15.38E,Speed = 000.00Km/h,2008-06-10,23:54


GPS Tracker Navideo T1
Inside the tracker you can see GoNav Mod GT 3000 too.
The tracker can send GPRMC too.

The tracker sends
26. September 2008,10.34.16,5211.2903,N,01320.6936,E


Webseite of navideo
(there Shop -> Hardware)

This format is used by the software EMERGENCY or
Emergency Distress Beacon GPS Locator.
This application can be used with iPhones.
The application sends e.g.
An emergency distress beacon was set off by ___ at location 52.188172, 13.344893


Webseite CinnDev

TELTONIKA GH1202 Tracker
The TELTONIKA GH1202 is sending this format.

BAT! Id:GH1202 Imei:353976013309921 Time:2008.11.28 08:42:39 Fix:52.41211,12.13148 Sat:4 Op:26201 Cell:8AD2 Sig_Lvl:11 Bat_Lvl:50


Website of

TracyCAR Tracker Model DRH-208 / Xexun TK101
This tracker is already supported.
The used data format is already known from the Xexun TK102.
This doesn't surprise, as the manufacturer of both devices seems to be
Xexun from China.

See Xexun TK101
Tracker Tripaal TP-005
The Tracker sends f.e.


Possibly a manufacturer link

This software runs on different mobiles.
The software can record complete tracks and send single positions as SMS.

Hi, you may locate me by following this link:


Software Website

GPS Tracker TK102-2
This tracker is the successor of the TK102 from Xexun (see above).
The device has a micro SD slot to store positions.
The standby time should be better than with the TK102.

lat: 52.160701 long: 011.461048 speed: 13.00 08/08/09 13:04 F:4.32V,1, Signal:F move imei:123456789123339 05 164.3 262 07
lat: 52.160701 long: 011.461048 speed: 13.00 08/08/09 13:04 F:4.32V,1, Signal:F imei:123456789123339 05 164.3


Vehicle Tracker PATROL HAWK GP2000
This device is for installation into a car and is available as GPRS and/or GSM version.
I found different names for this device, at ebay it's called CarGPS, at other places
PATROL HAWK GP2000 and vehicle tracking & monitoring system MODEL: KL-P52A.

Track Latitude:+54.1147;Longitude:+012.2727,Speed:0;ACC:ON


China Website
KL-P52A Tracker Software
This software (for Windows Mobile and Palm) is able to send positions via SMS (too).

<rpt> <l> N 54 2.877' E013 12.100' <t> 14:13 UTC 06-05-10 <h> 010 <s> 5 kph <e> 1 m


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