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Sendingtime2007-01-31 02:18:27
added into database2007-01-31 02:18:27
raw sms text!EGN_045 _N52.18.17,4_E013.05.57,7_20.10.2006_17:02:31_1_093_118_610,7,41118,17629,0,617,58,60,646,58,73,634,255,87,622,255,99,613,255,103,98,255,107,8,37629
NoteBenefon EGN Format

Obwohl dieses Format zusätzliche Informationen zum GSM Zustand enthält,
habe ich nicht genügend Informationen gefunden, um diese Informationen sicher
auswerten zu können.

Although this format contains informations about the GSM network currently logged in,
i couldn't find enough information to properly decode the network status.
17:02:31 UTC 20.10.2006
52° 18.290000' N (52.304833°) (52° 18' 17.399'')
013° 5.961667' E (13.099361°) (13° 5' 57.700'')
093 km/h
Course over ground 118°
Format: Benefon !EGN
Position format: WGS84
Charge of Accu: 045
Places near this location:
Saarmund around 1.7 km, Deutschland, Brandenburg
Langerwisch around 2.5 km, Deutschland, Brandenburg
Wildenbruch around 3.2 km, Deutschland, Brandenburg
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